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fuck it, jag vet inte längre.

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[06 Jul 2007|08:11am]
[ mood | tired ]


well and now to the point.  It's 9 am in the morning, and i'm still awake.
can't sleep nowdays. I've taken sleeping pills the last couple of days, but they just doesn't seem to work.
Haven't slept in 3 days / 72 hours. It's like my mind is stronger than the little white pills.
oh god.
you guys should see my big, black/purple bags under my eyes. bluuöö. *gags*

i'm gonna try to catch some sleep now, but first i'm gonna smoke a fag LMAO.
see yah <3

..and everytime we kissed i swear i could fly..

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[05 Jul 2007|12:47am]
[ mood | drunk ]

oh sweet, sweet johnny.

pjuuh, all these partys really wear my out.
they suck, but i still go to them, dunno why actually.
There's only a bunch of druck people and some high ones.
The rest is a group of pussies who sit in a corner all night.
fcuk 'em :D

my hamster died last night, it had escaped from the cage and 
climbed up on a chair in my room, and then just dropped from it and died.
So, i buried it in the garden, with my other hamsters, witch is about 30 .
and i had a nice ceremony for it.
man, it's just a hamster..

R.I.P  UGLY BETTY.  February 07-July 07 .  <3

But my other hamster, Paris Hilton is still alive ! :D i think..*runs and check*
yeah, it lived. 
That skinny bitch.
Ugly Betty was so fat and cuddly.
Paris is just.. skinny and wierd :S

whatsofuckingever ..

Next week my parents and my brother travel to Denmark to kick ass in football.
And i have the whole damn house for myself. 
Katja and i are already planning a party on friday. 
It's gonna be alot of drinkin', smokin', catfights between the sluts and fistfights between the guys.
that's so fetch :D
haha, pierre and david are so fucking.
seriously, they are.

Tack och hej, leverpastej :) <3

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[09 Jun 2007|06:32pm]
[ mood | high ]

well well, i'm on a party right now.  i'ts my uncles birthday. he's now 40 fuckin'  years old now. What a shame.
I have this fear of getting older. i wanna stay like this FOREVER ! :D mohaha.  My lil' brother here says hi. But don't bother to reply. :) HAHA.  now i'm gonna get fat on cake, so i'll see you all on a FAT-CAMP this summer :)
lots of love. <3

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[07 Jun 2007|11:07pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I just got home from my pimpina
we skipped school today, because we didn't feel like going.
Who cares anyway ?
we just sat home and watched ellenTV.
such a boring show, but we couldn't change the channel, because my tube is pretty fucked up. and i totally mean it.
i think it will explode any day now.
haha, shit.

well well, i uploaded a picture to show you all how fun we had today.
i'll see you around some time.    / elin & pimpina.

me to the left, pimpina to the right.


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[07 Jun 2007|01:15am]


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Like yesterday. [07 Jun 2007|12:45am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I believe in a thing called love
Yep, it's eh thursday, i'm bored.
There's nothing to do here.
It's been a week since i saw Good fuckin' Charlotte.
I love them.
I wanna kiss them every minute, every hour every daaay.
haha, i get so pathetic when i'm tired.
well, tomorrow i'm getting a piercing.
labret and eyebrow.
A firend's gonna do the labret and i'm gonna do the eyebrow piercing myself.
my mom's gonna kill me hard, haha.

yeaah, see ya later.
lots of luv

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